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When In Rome

I don’t do Valentines day. Or I didn’t do Valentines day.

It brings back a sense of childhood dread. Popularity was measured on how many cards you received and from whom. And on the flip side of getting none, it was just as unpleasant to take received cards home and be mocked by siblings and parents.

I honestly can’t decide which was worse.

And now here we are in Rome if you will – Kansas City – the birthplace of Hallmark and I’m determined to create a better Valentine memory for my kids. What better way for me to convey my love than through food and a mixed tape!

Picking one food that pleases all palates in my house is a tall order. The beauty of crepes is that each eater can customize their dish. They span the savory/sweet boundary, provide excellent snacks, and if you feel like making a monster batch, they freeze well too.

The options are endless.

Berry them; sugar and lemon them; douse them in chocolate; eat with jam; stuff with cheese and ham and melt; cook up some seafood in a lemon cream tarragon sauce; scramble eggs and veggies; stuff with torn roast chicken, green onions, grated carrot and hoisin sauce….

Story and Food Styling by Trina Kahl