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Compound Butter

It’s pretty customary that when we dine at our house or a friend’s house there is bread- or there’d better be bread. We can’t deny that we enjoy a buttery biscuit from a Pillsbury can, but there’s nothing that compares to fresh bread, and we’re blessed to have Farm to Market Bread Co.’s amazing selection of artisan breads available. They have a unique variety of breads that includes French Farm, Rosemary Olive Oil, Crisp Ciabatta, Asiago, and I could go on but, you’re better off visiting their website So, here’s the thing about Farm to Market bread- you do not and I repeat do not put anything that’s not real on this bread, and that means margarine. A while ago our niece Sunny and her husband Chris were over for dinner, and we had a fresh loaf of the Rosemary Olive Oil, and I’d made a compound butter. Sunny made the comment that it was a nice change from the olive oil and balsamic that they typically use for their breads. What I love is that they took a restaurant “thing” home and implemented it there. What I love even more was that this simple compound butter got kudos from a couple that I like to think know their food. So, what’s coming is a couple of recipes for what we believe are worthy and unique spreads for any artisan bread.