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When I dip you dip we dip- Romanoff

Once upon a time, a long 10 years ago, I was a college student, and Ben was cooking full-time behind the line and carrying the title of Pastry Chef. It was at that time that Ben had made acquaintances with a colleague’s parents that were interested in stepping out of the (Hamburger Helper) box and trying some new things in the kitchen. So, said couple arranged to have 3 other couples over to their home and Ben and I would be demonstrating the cooking of a 5 course meal in the privacy of their home. Sounds fancy right? Well, that was our goal- to create an experience that would travel through the Mission Hills, and our private dining would be in demand. We ran around the city buying groceries and wines to accompany each course purchasing the best of the best. We learned some things that night. It turns out that the wine wasn’t necessary because apparently their self-supplied Behringer White Zin goes with everything (yes- everything); the lump crab meat was worth the money and ended up being a real treat for McKenzie, our cat; and the dazzle of the made from scratch champagne bread couldn’t break through the Beringer “buzz” that had overtaken our clients. Long story short, I completed my bachelor’s degree, and Ben quasi left he kitchen to obtain his photography degree. Unfortunately or fortunately, however you want to look at it, the Pieper Private dining business began and ended that night. What didn’t was this awesome romanoff sauce that goes great with or without a (Beringer) buzz.