The Boundary Waters

I had the honor of traveling to Minnesota to go fishing with my father, 3 older brothers, and close friends.  It is quite a trek considering that Lake Saganaga borders Canada.   The trip provided many highlights and some well deserved down time with friends and family.  We had 2 guides and 3 boats that took us   The 3rd and final day of fishing I spent on a canoe.  Although it was more work, and you end up with a sore back, I think that this is a true way catching these amazing creatures swimming in our beautiful boundary waters.

I brought back some walleye and created a healthy and delicious salad to compliment the fish.  This salad can be made with any flaky white fish (assuming that you don’t have access to fresh lake walleye 🙂


Panzanella Salad

Summer Summer Summer Time

Thank goodness we can all put that dreary, freezing, wet, slushing, messy, cold, cold, cold winter behind us. I know it’s not officially here yet, but with the scorching 90+ degree days that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us, I feel like she’s been priming us for another hot (and really humid) summer. Along with the seasonal change comes the fresh produce at the farmers’ market. Lots of vibrant colors, flavors, and textures all in the various forms of fruits and vegetables enable us to shake up our eating habits- hopefully for the better. Last year Ben and I perfected this beautiful panzanella salad that makes you feel like you’re tasting the vegetable rainbow (Skittles reference), so you can guarantee that we’ll be taking full advantage of our local farmers’ bounty with their goods to make this goody.

Lemon Thyme Vinaigrette / Metal Bowl

Number 7 on the list of essential tools.  From fresh whipped cream, hollandaise sauce, to homemade vinaigrettes everyone needs a sturdy mixing bowl.  We recommend an aluminum or metal bowl for the transference of heat and cold as mentioned in previous entries (i.e. hollandaise sauce & whipped cream).  The size is something to consider as well.  We own two 2 quart bowls that stack nicely, which when storage is a commodity.  The bowls are a small investment , but in our kitchen they get used very frequently.  We are featuring a lemon and fresh thyme vinaigrette for our recipe this round.  With spring, a light citrus dressing lends itself to a mixed green salad or fresh cut veggies.


Four Foodies, Four Courses, $40

This video represents a series of 2600 photos edited down from the 6400 we captured that day.

It all started with a bet. Ben and I were at Mark & Jane’s house enjoying the typical weekend together with cooking, dogs, wine, jousting, cards, and crafting  (not necessarily in that order). Ben was helping Jane load the dishwasher- Mark and I were a) pouring another glass of wine and getting our glue sticks ready to scrapbook b) giving Oliver & Sobe (The Dogs) their gourmet doggy kibble or c) putting our helmets on or d) all of thee above, and Ben made The Bet. Which movie had the scene with the timed dishwasher loading scene in it? Dan in Real Life or Rachel Getting Married? As soon as Ben named the stakes and asked me which one it was, I start jumping up and down with Jane screaming that we won, and once again Ben realized that he shouldn’t bet against the “Steel Trap.” Rachel Getting Married was what brought sweet, tasty, victorious, satisfaction in the form of four courses, for four foodies, for under $40.

So the following is the menu that was prepared for the victors of the bet. Now, we love food. We love good food, and Ben and Mark came up with the idea to do this gourmet meal on a budget. Based our experiences dining out, we figured that this meal could easily be $40/person, so the challenge was set and the menu was written. We do have copies of receipts with our purchases minus any pantry staples i.e. salt, pepper, flour, water, etc. Keep in mind that the bubbly and any wine consumed with the meal was not budgeted with good reason- had that been the case, we would’ve been drinking our dinner : )