Cast Iron/ Cinnamon and Cumin Encrusted Pork Lion

Here is Round 2 featuring the cast iron skillet. We truly use the cast iron skillet more often then any other pan our house. It’s a universal pan that can go from as a non-stick for frying eggs to searing meat or fish- it is just a workhorse that gets the job done. The cast iron is known for its heat distribution which allows you to sear meat evenly through out the pan and not just in the hot spots. Because of its heavy dutiness, the pan doesn’t suffer from heat loss when adding any room temp or cold foods, and this allows you get the killer crust on your fish or meats.

Ok, we went with pork tenderloin for our featured dish, and as an added bonus we threw in a wonderful red wine reduction sauce.


The Other White Meat

When you hear “comfort food” what comes to mind? We think chicken noodle soup, meatloaf, and maybe your mom’s roast. We all grew up eating that crock pot cooked Sunday roast, and it was always a favorite. Now we’re taking it to the next level- Roast 2.0! In times like these, it makes sense to buy affordable quality meats and produce that will not only make your belly happy but your wallet happy.  A roast done correctly is a beautiful thing. It’s affordable and makes great leftovers, or you can feed a few of your favorite foodies.