orange chicken

Wait! It’s not what you’re thinking – Chinese takeout with white steamed rice and egg rolls and egg drop soup. Nope. Not even close. Two weeks ago, we got what could be considered a light dusting of snow (compared to the snowmagedon that’s happening outside now) that drove those with sleds and snowboards to Suicide Hill and Westwood park to take advantage of the fresh snow and left those without 4 wheel or all wheel drive stranded at home. Our good friends Joe & Teri fell into the latter category. Ben decided that we could not & would not have dinner alone while leaving Teri & Joe at home to fend for themselves. So, with the power of Pepe (our beloved Jeep) Ben went to rescue them while I roasted a beautiful whole chicken with, you guessed it, an orange marinade. I have to be honest, I had my doubts when Ben told me to “Get the bird. Juice the Cuties (oranges) with some herbs & stuff.” Little did I know that this was going to be a blog worthy recipe that I’d be sharing with you now.

*Please note that this meal transpired several weeks ago, and we have since dug ourselves out of the snow. Happy Roasting.



The Stock Pot / Chicken Stock

Everyone needs a heavy stock pot for Pasta’s, soups, and yes Stock.  A flavorful stock and add richness, body, and complexity to and dish.  We use stock in almost everything.  The Store purchased stock is often light in body and has a high sodium content.  The salt act’s as a preservative, but when you reduce it your sauce could be so salty. You can debone your chicken, or buy the bones from you local butcher.  This holds true for beef or fish.  The process is easy and will fill your kitchen with a wonderful aroma.  Just a few simple ingredients and you will see a noticeable difference in all you food.

Dinning with Diversity: Eggplant verses Chicken

There are two types of people in the world, those who eat meat and those who don’t. Contrary to popular belief, based on the fact that a majority of our recipes focus on an animal protein of sorts, we have a great admiration for vegetarians.  On a philosophical level we understand the reasons why people choose not to consume meat.  We on the other hand are not strong enough to not indulge in the occasional steak, drumstick, burger, pork chop, hot dog……this is going somewhere.  Not long ago we got together with some friends where the line was clearly drawn between the “carnivores” and the “herbivores.” It was an easy menu that we came up with- one couple brought a salad with homemade vinaigrettes & artisan breads; another came packing an apple pie ala mode (chocolate & vanilla- yeah, I said chocolate), and we threw down the main event- eggplant and chicken parmesan with a Mediterranean spin on the red sauce that we could all enjoy harmoniously.

“comfort food” Chicken Pot Pie

With all the cold weather that we have been experiencing, everyone has been craving warm wholesome meals.  Stews are easy and affordable to all.  A small list of ingredients and common household staples combined and cooked well will create a lasting impression and memories.  We are sharing a simple one pot meal that everyone can make and will make your audience happy, healthy, and wondering when the next dinner invitation is.

Croquet Y’all!

There are few sports that can be competitively played with the Foodies and friends. We’ve tried contact football (of course we all wore our respective bike, softball, and mental helmets- safety first), rhythmic gymnastics (flittered, glittered and bedazzled ribbons are truly the only way to go), tetherball, synchronized swimming (yes, go ahead and develop that mental picture) …oh yes and there was that mean game of H.O.R.S.E. None of which turned out to be the good ole time that we had banked on, but we decided to give it another try another try with of fierce game croquet at our friends’ Gail & Dave’s. They provided the house, the hydrangea covered berms (great obstacles), balls, wickets, mallets, goal stakes, and we brought the fury. Oh yeah, we did our pay-it-forward grilled poppy seed chicken sandwiches and roasted potatoes.

We love these sammies and potatoes- probably our most notorious repeat meal, and it’s a recipe that has been passed on to our friends who have passed it on to their friends and their friends’ friends. With that said here’s how it to do it so you can pass it on and pay this goodness forward.

Four Foodies, Four Courses, $40

This video represents a series of 2600 photos edited down from the 6400 we captured that day.

It all started with a bet. Ben and I were at Mark & Jane’s house enjoying the typical weekend together with cooking, dogs, wine, jousting, cards, and crafting  (not necessarily in that order). Ben was helping Jane load the dishwasher- Mark and I were a) pouring another glass of wine and getting our glue sticks ready to scrapbook b) giving Oliver & Sobe (The Dogs) their gourmet doggy kibble or c) putting our helmets on or d) all of thee above, and Ben made The Bet. Which movie had the scene with the timed dishwasher loading scene in it? Dan in Real Life or Rachel Getting Married? As soon as Ben named the stakes and asked me which one it was, I start jumping up and down with Jane screaming that we won, and once again Ben realized that he shouldn’t bet against the “Steel Trap.” Rachel Getting Married was what brought sweet, tasty, victorious, satisfaction in the form of four courses, for four foodies, for under $40.

So the following is the menu that was prepared for the victors of the bet. Now, we love food. We love good food, and Ben and Mark came up with the idea to do this gourmet meal on a budget. Based our experiences dining out, we figured that this meal could easily be $40/person, so the challenge was set and the menu was written. We do have copies of receipts with our purchases minus any pantry staples i.e. salt, pepper, flour, water, etc. Keep in mind that the bubbly and any wine consumed with the meal was not budgeted with good reason- had that been the case, we would’ve been drinking our dinner : )