Top Ten Basic Kitchen Tools

To make a great meal you don’t need crazy, expensive mechanical tools. We want to dispel that myth with a breakdown of what we think are essential to any kitchen- all of which will run you anywhere from extremely affordable to a small investment. The next 10 entries will be recipes focusing on the usage of each of these items. If you have questions or thoughts about anything, please let us know as well love feedback from all Foodies alike.


One response

  1. I think your list needs one more kitchen tool. I have been cooking for many years, and in my kitchen if you move my knife I will find another, if you mess with just a about anything in my kitchen I can adapt. BUT don’t take my scrapper. I use it on the grill, or scooping, scrapping cookie sheets clean, it seems to always be in my hand. I can stir with anything, I can measure with anything but I need my scrapper and nothing else will do.


    June 17, 2011 at 7:51 am

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